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Michael Yates

This is an interesting post. The hardest thing, I suppose, is to figure out the truth of things while they are happening and you are deeply enmeshed in them. Jerry Cohen threatened a UFW lawsuit against the Nation magazine for publishing an essay I wrote in Novemeber 1977 that was critical of Chavez, though certainly not libelous or disrespectful. Just true. Then it's not so long and he is gone from the union. A guy so smart and skilled and he can't see what is happening, or doesn't care because he has bigger fish to fry. Chris Hartmire still doesn't seem to get what he did. Lives ruined so he could be close to Jesus, aka Cesar. And today, farm workers still don't on aveage live past 50, same as when Edward R. Murrow narrated Harvest of Shame in, when? 1959? And Cesar wanted to train the children of staff to be organizers, because, having lived it, they'd be more inclined to adopt the selfless life of the union volunteer. Guess Paul Chavez didn't buy this argument.

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